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Hail wizards and witches! Very close to the epic release of its newest full-length album, recorded and produced by Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) in Slovakia, Myrkgand proudly announces the unveiling of a new song, which comes with the special guests: "Ashok", guitar player from the mystical demons of "Cradle of Filth", also known for his passage in the band "Root"; and the drummer "Kevin Kott" from the Heavy/Power legends "Masterplan" and "At Vance". Official release today, December 13, 2018, on Myrkgand's official YouTube channel, in a wonderful lyric-video + song on Bandcamp. Subscribe to and listen to it at first hand!

Although, we will need ALL your magical support and best efforts, as Facebook unfortunately blocked our official page, apparently just for a supposedly "antichristian" content. Seems that we have returned to the inquisition days, huh? This block goes until December 23. So we can't spread the new song on our page, and do need your help to spread it for us, mentioning our facebook page or tagging it on your posts, pictures, stories. Let's show them our magic cannot be stopped! Spread this announcement, and the song link! Myrkgand is a Melodic Death/Black Metal one-man-band leaded by the brazilian artist Dmitry Luna, who writes all songs, instruments, and lyrics. He sings and plays almost all instruments in the recordings. The band's albums always come with special guests from a lot of Heavy Metal bands from the worldwide scene.

Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) produces Myrkgand's new album in Slovakia!


MYRKGAND's 2nd album is about to come, as Dmitry Luna just came back from Zvolenská Slatina, Slovakia where he recorded all instruments + vocals at Grapow Studios. Yes, the album is being produced by the Metal Legend ROLAND GRAPOW, known for his awesome appearances on the bands HELLOWEEN and MASTERPLAN. This new spell comes with many special guests again, from a lot of amazing Heavy Metal bands from all over the world. They play solos or sing songs along with Dmitry. A few musicians were unveiled so far: Ashok (Cradle of Filth), Trollmannen (Trollfest), Rodrigo Berne (ex-Tuatha de Danann), Micha Meyer (Iron Angel), Luiz Carlos Louzada (Vulcano), Claydson Silva (Pathologic Noise), Danilo Coimbra (Malefactor) & Kevin Kott (Masterplan).

Stay tuned for upcoming news about this new Magick!

MYRKGAND debut album released physically by 9 labels in 8 countries


List of releases for "Myrkgand - Myrkgand", the band's first album, which was released firstly on 1st of June 2017, and already has 9 physical versions of it over the world, plus one more which is already programmed to be out soon! Take a look:

BRAZIL - CD Jewel Case - 1000 copies by Nuktemeron Productions

PORTUGAL - CD Jewel Case - 500 copies by Your Poison Records

CZECH REP. - Cassettes - 50 copies by Evil Horn Records

RUSSIA - CD Jewel Case - 500 copies by Fono LTD

JAPAN - CD Jewel Case - 500 copies by Invasion of Solitude Records

BRAZIL - Cassettes - 35 copies by Rising Records

POLAND - CD Digipack - 500 copies by Mara Production

MEXICO - CD Digipack - 1000 copies by Sade Records

MALAYSIA - Cassettes - 100 copies by Qalaqas Black Art Productions

And there's 1 more release in cassettes scheduled for January 2019, by the brazilian label Hellish Records. Stay tuned!